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1985 brought more performace to thr Saleen. The long rumored revised 302 from Ford finally showed up producing 210hp. A new roller camshaft, tublar headers, and dual exhaust enabled Ford to provide Saleen Autosport a more suitable platform for its street car. The Racecraft Suspension was carried over from '84, but was treated with full metallic pads for less brake fade and increased performance. 128 Saleen Mustangs were sold during its first full year of production and its reputation as a different, well built performace car was growing.

1987 #20 Racing CarThe first major changes for the Saleen came about in 1986. A new front air dam, larger rear spoiler, and a rear valance, 16x7 wheels with P225VR50/16 General Tires, and Koni adjustable shocks and struts. These modifications were a direct result of Steve's racing in SCCA Showroom Stock series. The 302 now came with factory SEFI as all V8 Mustangs were so equipped from Ford. It resulted a decreased the hp to 200, but the torque went up to 285. The '86 Saleen 0-60 times of 6.0 sec and 1/4mile times of 14.9 @ 92mph were an increase of .3 and .4 respectivly over the stock Mustang GT.

The 1987 model year marked the largest styling change of the FOX Mustang and Saleen didn't hesitate updating the car with a more aerodynamic look. Ford also had sweetened the pot by adding 25hp to the 5liter. A more sculptured air dam complimented the new nose from Ford. Also added for the '87 Saleen was the addition of a new G-load and strut tower brace for the front suspension, 4 wheel disc brakes (a Saleen modified SVO system) with 5-lug wheels, and a choice of two wheels (either the regular mesh design or 5 spoke, both supplied by ARE). The new braking system was the single most labor intensive part of the conversion and the cost of the hardware increased the price just shy of $20,000. But the new system overcame the stock Mustang's biggest drawback. On the race track, Saleen captured the SCCA Escort Endurance Showroom Stock Manufacturers Championship. The Saleen was now elevated into a class by itself.

1989 Saleen ConvertibleA Saleen Sport Truck was made available in 1988, mirroring the truck that was being campained by the racing team. Based on the Ford Ranger, it recieved many of the same modifications as did the Mustang. One give-a-way car was made to promote the Winston Sweepstakes Tour. The Winston/Motocraft Saleen was red with the lower portion of the car painted white. Winston and Motocraft logos were affixed to it, giving it a one-of-a-kind look.

1989 was the 25th anniversary of the Mustang and the 5th anniversary of the Saleen. Steve had been planning a special version of his car to coincide with this occasion. The SSC was born. The heart of this beast was the first engine modified my Saleen ever put in a street car. 300hp was the magic number. This was achieved by adding a 65mm throttle body, AiRSensors TPI intake plenum, polished intake ports, revised rocker arms, stainless 1-5/8 headers with Walker Dynomax cat back system. This engine was EPA certified and carried a full warranty. All 160 SSCs were white with gray, sliver, and yellow graphics. Other modifications that made the SSC different from other 'run of the mill' Saleens include: A heavy duty T-5 transmission, cockpit adjustable Monroe shocks/struts, DP-5 5 spoke wheels, yellow, gray, white leather FloFit seats, and 180W ten speaker audio system. $36,500 could have bought you the ultimate Saleen in 1989. Another interesting car in '89 was Saleen #422. Nicknamed SB/S, it was speically built for the Seal Beach Police Dept. SB/S started out life as standard Saleen with some SSC components to meet the needs of a police car.

Seal Beach Police SaleenThe Saleens remained nearly unchanged during the '89-93 model years. The addition of an air bag in '90 required the use of the factory wheel instead of the Momo used previously. The '89 SSC headers became standard, minor spolier changes, and a new SC model were made the same year. A EPA certified Saleen/Vortech supercharger was available in '92 &'93. Recaro seats, new 17x8 & 17x9 5 spoke wheels with 225 & 235/45ZR17 B.F.G. Comp T/As, and a new spyder package for the convertibles were added in '92. A new graphics package, Saleen/Brembo brakes, Saleen high-torque 5sp trans, Saleen big valve heads, Saleen ceramic headers, Saleen programmed performance chip, and a 200mph spedometer were added to the SC model in 1993.

1993 SA-10 10th Anniversary EditionOn the 10th anniversary of the Saleen, a special car was created. A special run of 10 cars, all hatchbacks, were built as the final cars of the 1993 model year. Through special arrangment from Ford, the cars had sequential VINs from the factory. Special options on the SA-10 were a vented composite hood, rollover bar, 17" 3-piece Saleen wheels, Saleen Panard bar, Saleen rear shock tower brace, supercharger and ceramic header engine package, and a modified Saleen/Racecraft suspension. All 10 cars also had black leather seats with yellow highlights, a gray Saleen gauge faces, and a CD player. The cars were painted black with yellow and white graphics to commemorate the championship Saleen racing team.

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