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With the Capri now discontinued by Mercury due to slow sales (dropping from 110k in 1979, to a meager 20k in 1986), Ford invited Muscat and ASC over to modify the popular Mustang. This time ASC had full backing from Ford which included full factory warranty, advertising (albeit minimal), and actually a rebate program to help fuel sales in an otherwise slow sales year. Since the Capri and the Mustang were essentally the same car, almost all of the parts from the previous design carried right over. Although the price of the car had risen into the $25,000 range, ASC and Ford managed to sell 479 of the new convertibles. So not to compete with the GT's, hatchbacks were no longer offered. Although total sales were down from the previous year, almost 2 1/2 times the amount of convertibles sold than in '86.

With the change to the Mustang body for 1987, sales inched up slightly to 479 cars. 1988 saw the ASC/McLaren's sales more than double, selling over 1000 cars for the first time. Leather seats, wheel and shift knob, ASC only center console, premium sound system, 1" lowering sport springs, and 15x7 McLaren wheels with Gatorbacks were now all standard.With the optional ground effects package, the ASC/McLaren's sleek design was a marked contrast from the "boy racer" looks of the Mustang GT. Total 1988 production was 1015 cars, the peak of ASC/McLaren Mustang sales

Unfortunately in 1989, a disagreement between Peter Muscat and ASC over licensing and royalties caused a shortage of cars. After a record breaking year, only 247 cars were produced in '89 and a nearly non-existant 65 cars in 1990. There were plans for a 1991 model but an agreement between Muscat and ASC could not be reached. ASC quietly discontinued the car near the end of the '90 model year.

The story may have been different if McLaren had put more than just the name on the car and had a hand in reengineering the engine and drivetrain. Final total for all seven years of production was 2678. This low production amount is the main reason that the ASC/McLaren is nearly unknown, being over shadowed by the rubber burning Saleens.

Thanks for Sandy Block for the above information
ASC/McLaren Registry
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May 2, 1996

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